Hear what our community has to say
about Martha’s Table!

From our Community

This message is from a former volunteer:

“in 2007 when I first went there (Martha’s) I was staying at Dawn House.  I spent a lot of time locked behind my bedroom door tryng to pull myself out of severe depression or self-medicating with drugs to men my mental illness and pain.  When a friend suggested to meet at this place (Martha’s),in my mind, I would never be caught at because it wasn’t for people like me.  I went through trauma in my childhood like many others, but I just did not seem to have the courage or coping skills to pull myself up. Between being a teenage rebel from divorced parents and married at 18 then the loss of a child, then becoming a mother to a premature baby, I was trampled by horses and lost my spleen and almost my life, and divorced by the time I was 23–it hit me hard!  So I self-medicated at 25 thinking I could fix myself, ’cause if you know me, I know everything…..at least back then, I thought I did–boy was I wrong.                                  …….Martha’s was like a bug, every time I would go and people started knowing my name, they welcomed me with open arms and smiles, I started volunteering there….I found myself going all the time, the next thing you know I wasn’t sitting in my room feeling bad about my life or feeding into my addiction…….they always seemed to know how to make each individual feel special and that this world needs them as we all matter.  I never realized the potential I had until I felt the love and support from many individuals from Martha’s.  …..I am now 12.5 years of being sober , I have many things in life to be grateful for.  Martha’s had given me confidence in myself, and a sense of self-worth, I know that may sound strange to some of you that how could an establishment filled with homeless or addicts or low income and even individuals working that can’t afford groceries after rent, make me feel that way, well it’s because we are all treated equal and included in all aspects of Martha’s.  No judgement was ever given to me which made it comfortable and effortless to keep coming back.  I have not ventured there in a while…..I went back to school and became a PSW.  I have since returned to college and got my degree in Recreational Therapy! ….So, thank you for supporting Martha’s, it is an amazing cause….


This email came from a volunteer named Tina:

“Volunteering there showed me how much people go there to be around friends and meet new people. I found myself and what my purpose is in this life was helping others and it feels great to help my community. I wish I could do more through Martha’s table.

Working at Martha’s table I learned about serving other people.

The staff are fantastic! I don’t know why it took me so long to get there to be a volunteer, maybe because I was lost. I am so glad I got the opportunity to do it. I have met a lot of friends and all the staff there are like family to me because I don’t have family up here and just being there feels great.

If you’re not working and you need to find something to do, you can always come to Martha’s Table to volunteer. All you have to do is sign up.”

This letter was mailed to us from Tamara, a student who participated in the "Summer Jobs For Youth" program at Keys Job Centre:

“This summer I got the experience of working with wonderful people in a wonderful place. The people at Martha’s let me grow as a person, both physically and mentally. The atmosphere at Martha’s was very free, very calming. The people I got to serve were hopeful in regards to my learning how to serve them properly and peacefully. I am thankful to have met all of them, and to have met my fellow employees.

We worked in the kitchen Monday to Friday, and together we were able to make Martha’s work. I have gained many skills from working there, and these skills will help me succeed in the future. It was an eye-opening experience, with the pleasure of enjoying the work you do. I’ve learned to stay steady and enjoy each moment for what it is.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey to a better life and helping me when help was needed. I couldn’t be more proud of everything I and the people around me have accomplished. Thank you. I will never forget the times we all shared and I will stop in whenever I can to visit the family.”

One of our guests wrote the following on a dinner napkin:

“Thank you for a lovely supper, it was served by staff members who treated people in a friendly, polite manner for which I’m most grateful to not be looked down at because I’m broke and in need of a meal. It’s always a pleasure to come to Martha’s Table for an excellent meal, for which I’m grateful for it being here… For people like me, who would be hungry if not for you being here. God bless you.”

From a donor who doesn't get out of the house as much as she used to and with a cheque enclosed:

“Thank you…this helps me feel like I’m still a part of the community, so it works both ways. Keep up the good work that you and the other volunteers do every day.”

Messages from Martha’s Team

I enjoy working with volunteers and staff! I cook for our guests four days per week; Martha’s is an important place for me. Martha’s is here for the people and I enjoy serving them all."


Volunteer Coordinator

We are now delivering to 200 people and it is such a rewarding endeavour. We have volunteer drivers from the community and the city as well as many caring volunteers from Martha’s. We are able to connect and help so many who would otherwise be without! I am so proud to be a part of this success."


Meal Delivery Coordinator

…I have met many amazing, kind and caring people during my time at Martha’s; folks that visited the facility, volunteers and staff have all equally made a tremendous impact in my life. I have made some lifelong friendships, lasting memories and dealt with some hard life lessons. The number of people that are living with food insecurity continues to climb.
It may occur in almost anyone’s life. Many of us are living at the edge of our pay, just getting by, and one unfortunate incident can make a life changing difference. It isn’t for us to judge why anyone needs to access a meal, rather, we are here to make everyone welcome and comfortable. Martha’s is a special place that allows a person to connect with community, to be part of something positive, and to do something that may make someone’s day a bit better. I love it and everything we do, although I’d be the happiest person in town if food security was stabilized for all and we were no longer needed!”


Executive Director