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Martha’s Table is a charitable organization whose goal is to support economically disadvantaged persons and provide nutritious, cost-effective meals that are served in a restaurant style setting.

A day shelter, officially called the Social Centre, but often referred to as the Friendship Room, pre-pandemic was available to users and offered a relaxed environment where one might socialize with others while enjoying breakfast, lunch, wifi and computers and a variety of workshops. During the pandemic, all indoor services have been suspended. We look forward to returning to full programming as soon as possible. To best meet the needs of our community during this time, we are offering takeout meals seven days per week and door to door delivery five days per week.

Martha’s Table is committed to delivering quality services for those in need of a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. We have worked hard to develop and maintain an impeccable reputation within the city and industry. We have a proven track record of responsible growth and donor transparency. There is a solid team of committed Board Members, staff, and volunteers who are determined to ensure that Martha’s Table remains an active and vital part of the community for as long as needed.

Why partner with us?

Martha’s Table is a recognized and respected organization in Kingston that receives support from the local community since 1997.

As we continue to build and nurture relationships with local businesses and organizations, we will ensure that collaboration with Martha’s will compliment your existing company goals, enhance your image, brand values, and provide a platform to have a positive impact within the community.

What your
sponsorship means:

  • All sponsorship funding is invested into the Martha’s Table Programs thus sustaining the local Kingston community.
  • The continued growth of Martha’s Table will have a strong impact in the community, especially for those in need: the unhoused, the unemployed or underemployed, low and fixed income families.
    • Martha’s offers a safe platform for people to gain valuable life and job skills. We partner with other agencies by offering their participants an opportunity to work at their own pace and comfort level with the end goal being an improved sense of self-confidence and finding gainful employment.
    • Supplying a hot, healthy, and nutritious meal in a safe comfortable restaurant-style dining environment.

    Benefits to you:

    A few specific benefits to your organization:

    • Make a positive impact on the Kingston Community. Maintaining a healthy population improves the city which in turn improves/ increases business and leisure activities
    • Greater brand awareness due to exposure on Martha’s Table social media sites, reach a new target market via: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, website, word of mouth.
    • Thousands pass through our doors for a meal, a visit, or a volunteer shift
      Involve your employees in a group effort that is outside of their normal routines which can help build team spirit and improve morale
    • Help strengthen access to over 100,000 healthy meals annually
    • Offering your partnership in a way that is empowering, inclusive and environmentally sustainable, where all funds stay local and help the local community.
    • If you would like to participate in another way, please contact the Executive Director
    • Tax receipts are available for financial and in-kind donations valued over $10
    • If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor for Empty Bowls or another event, please see our events page.
    • Partnership opportunities can be tailored for specific needs

    Sponsor ONE

    Meal Service



    Sponsor ONE

    Holiday Meal Service

    (Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas)


    Each year approximately 110,000 meals are prepared and served to those in need of a nutritious meal.

    If you are looking for a way to help, this might be the right fit for you! Martha’s Table has helped thousands of people over her 25 year history by offering a safe welcoming space, a place to call home, a place to gain skills, a place to volunteer and meet amazing people.

    Meal sponsorships help Martha’s Table deliver much needed services in the community. They offer a way for community organizations/members to come together to work on a common goal: reducing food insecurity!

    Some of the mutual benefits include:

    • Encouraging Employee Goodwill and Teamwork – goodwill is cultivated when a company demonstrates interest in a cause its employees care about. Martha’s offers many opportunities for employee involvement.
    • Serving the Community – It’s a proven fact: good feelings are the result of helping others in a meaningful way; the best feeling of happiness is when you’re happy because you’ve made someone else happy!
    • Help provide nourishment – Martha’s Table serves an average of 400 meals per day
    • Different groups interacting – we love that we’re able to provide the space and the platform to bring different groups in the community together who would not otherwise interact and to do so in the pursuit of goals that are community-oriented.
    • You can choose the meal or we can help you with that. If you want to shop for the groceries, we’re happy to help you with planning and quantities etc… You can cook and serve or we can cook and serve or we can combine forces and do it together…the point is, you get to decide! We’re happy to fill in any gaps.

    Sample Menus:

    Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, Caesar salad, with vegetarian option.

    Fish and chips, coleslaw and vegetable, with vegetarian option.

    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrot coins, gravy & tossed salad, with vegetarian option.




    Sponsor a meal on your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion. Special menu options could include roast beef, ham or turkey with potatoes, stuffing, pickles and cheese, gravy and veggies.

    How about celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter with us? We’ll need your team to be properly trained for a very busy Holiday meal service (200 guests) so we ask that you and your team practice by volunteering for at least three meal service shifts before tackling Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter dinner.